Know someone who’d be perfect for re:work’s sales training and job placement program? Introduce them to us! 

We'll help them succeed and give you a $50 gift card when they become a candidate in a re:work training cohort.
(Are you a nonprofit serving communities that would benefit from our program? Let's discuss partnership opportunities:
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Keep in mind: re:work is geared towards young professionals in Chicago (18-30 years old) ready to start a new career. We’re looking for high school graduates / GED recipients with low to moderate income. Applicants must be U.S. work eligible and available on weekend afternoons.

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If this person joins re:work as a candidate in our training cohort, we will notify you to share the wonderful news and send you a $50 gift as a gesture of our gratitude. 

You are welcome to submit as many referrals as you'd like. If you have any questions about re:work, please email Thank you for supporting our mission.

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